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Your legal and business partner

Our aspiration is to be the legal and commercial partner for our Clients: we ensure “tailor-made” assistance by guaranteeing a high professional standard, direct and transparent communication, a dynamic and efficient team which has an international training and approach.

We base our work on the aforementioned characteristics, always trying to provide Customers with the most effective and timely strategy from a legal standpoint while satisfying their interests and commercial needs.

  • Direct communication
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency and dynamism
  • International approach
  • Multidisciplinary attitude

The refinement of the legal reasoning and the sensitivity of the commercial approach make the lawyer and the negotiator fundamental components in the conclusion of commercial agreements and in the resolution of any disputes; the Client benefits from this assistance even more if the chosen professional is a lawyer as well as a negotiator.

Roberto Pirozzi

Direct and transparent communication with the Client

We assist individuals, companies, organizations, associations, etc. Given the diversity of these subjects, we are aware that each customer has specific needs and priorities. Therefore, we always try to ensure “tailor-made” advice and assistance based on “active” listening of the requests we get and on effective communication of the strategy identified to achieve the objectives.

We firmly believe in the importance of “effective” communication: clarity and transparency are the basis of our lawyer/Client relationship. The Firm ensures a continuous dialogue between professionals and its Clients in order to build the necessary relationship of trust and achieve the business objectives together.

Efficiency and dynamism

The assistance provided by the members of the Firm is characterized by dynamism and efficiency. Our focus on a prompt and timely response to the customer’s needs makes dynamism one of the main values for which customers choose us. We take great care in updating and continuously improving our internal organization and coordination skills, keeping up with the latest technological innovations.

Multidisciplinary attitude

Our team of professionals has gained a multidisciplinary professional training that allows them to provide 360 ° assistance. This attitude allows us to provide our customers with an integrated offer of legal services and to give them a single expert with whom they can interact with regard to all legal and commercial issues brought to our attention.