Practice areas

Multidisciplinary and international approach combined with transparency with the Client

The firm closely follows the news and developments in the economic and political world in order to offer the best strategic advice to its Clients.

We are able to assist our Clients in Italy, Europe, and the United States as well as in the main areas of global economic interest, thanks to a dense and consolidated network of collaboration with law firms located in various geographical areas. By placing clarity of communication and transparency at the basis of our work, we have developed and implemented a dialogue with the customer that is constant for the entire duration of the relationship.

Competition and regulation

We provide advice and assistance to our Clients in matters relating to competition law both in the domestic and international field. Our many years of experience and specific expertise in the area allows us to provide the best solutions to problems related to possible cartels, abuse of dominant positions, unfair commercial practices, misleading and comparative advertising and other anti-competitive conduct. We also provide assistance with antitrust legislation in the compliance activities of corporate organizational structures.

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We assist our Clients at every stage of the administrative proceedings before independent authorities such as the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM), the Communications Authority (AGCOM), the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC), the National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange (CONSOB), the Insurance Supervisory Institute (IVASS), the Regulatory Authority for Electricity, Networks and Gas (ARERA). The Firm guarantees our customers high-profile assistance, not only in front of the Competition and Market Authority, the European Commission and other regulatory bodies, but also before administrative jurisdictions, national civil courts and community jurisdictions.

Litigation and arbitration

We have extensive experience in the litigation sector, both judicial and arbitration, and we are able to assist our Clients in most types of disputes, with specific expertise in actions for compensation for damages from antitrust violations, in commercial and corporate law, real estate law, navigation and transport law as well as administrative law and regulatory matters. In the field of arbitration, we have gained significant experience before the Milan Chamber of Arbitration and other arbitration institutions such as JAMS in New York and the International Chamber of Commerce – Court of Arbitration (ICC) in Paris.

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Pirozzi Esq. conducts arbitration courses at the American University of Rome, constantly participates as a speaker at masters and training courses in domestic and international arbitration, both in Italy and abroad; he is also the author of several articles/chapters in the field and has participated as a party’s counsel in various domestic and international arbitrations. Pirozzi Esq. is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Arbitration Chamber of the Council of the Bar Association of Velletri. Thanks to the aforementioned expertise, we collaborate closely with our foreign and domestic customers to define and apply a judicial strategy based on knowledge of the legal implications, but above all that takes into account the commercial and economic implications.

Alternative dispute resolution methods

The Firm was born with the full awareness that alternative dispute resolution methods are the main road to follow in commercial operations. Our team, made up of professionals with significant experience both in the academic and professional fields, is able to provide multidisciplinary consultancy even in the most innovative and complex cases. We ensure all our Clients adequate protection at all stages of the Italian and foreign negotiation and mediation procedures. We also offer training to employees and managers of companies who want to increase the negotiating skills of these subjects through courses specifically designed for these companies and the product sectors in which they are engaged: these training courses can be divided into several days, depending on the Client’s needs, and can also be held at the Client’s offices. The Firm’s professionals were trained through the Harvard school approach (Program on Negotiation – Harvard). Pirozzi Esq. is the organizer of the International Negotiation Competition, an Italian and international event in which students from various universities participate.

    International commercial contracts

    We work closely with our Clients to ensure that their business strategies are not only based not only on solid legal foundations, but also in line with their corporate philosophies. We have a consolidated and stratified experience in the application and interpretation of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (“CISG”); this treaty was prepared and adopted by the United Nations Commission for international commercial law and has the purpose of facilitating international trade by establishing common rules governing the contract for the international sale of movable property. Pirozzi Esq. has held courses on CISG for about 12 years at both LUMSA and the American University of Rome. Thanks to the knowledge of the Italian and American economic structure and the consolidated experience in commercial contracts (Pirozzi Esq. is qualified to practice the profession both in Italy and in the State of New York), the firm is able to accompany Italian and American companies who work between the two countries.

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    The firm assists companies in the following areas:

    • in the establishment of companies both in Italy and in the United States
    • in the drafting of the articles of association and statutes of the companies as well as in the identification of the governance systems most appropriate to the economic and geographical area of interest
    • in contracts for the sale of movable property
    • contracts for the procurement, distribution and supply of goods and services
    • joint venture agreements
    • licensing, management and outsourcing agreements
    • licensing agreements for intellectual property rights

    Turkish Desk

    The Firm has a desk in Turkey in collaboration with Ongur & Partners – International Law Firm, which allows us to provide adequate legal assistance both to Turkish companies wishing to invest in Italy and Europe, and to Italian and international companies with their investments in Turkey.

    USA Desk

    Thanks to the experience gained by Pirozzi Esq. in the United States of America, the Firm frequently collaborates with US professionals of primary standing to provide legal assistance to its clients and equip them with the necessary tools for evaluating investment opportunities in America. For these reasons, we have recently opened a dedicated desk in New York, in collaboration with Provenzano, Granne & Bader LLP.

    Administrative law

    We offer advice and assistance in all areas of administrative law, both in judicial and extrajudicial matters. In particular, we are prepared to provide assistance, among other things, in: 1. Tenders for work, services and supplies 2. Consultancy to companies participating in the tenders 3. Privatizations, public services and mixed companies 4. Correct use and legal management of community funds 5. Concessions and administrative authorizations in sectors of commercial interest 6. Health law, expropriation, construction and urban planning.

    Maritime and Aviation law

    Maritime and Aviation law are sectors characterized by a system of interdisciplinary rules which need to be interpreted through a community and international prism. Therefore, the Firm provides its Clients with a specialized team equipped for this type of approach, able to assist in national, EU and international maritime and aviation law issues, including but not limited to: 1. Transport of passengers and cargo 2. Maritime and air labor, including all administrative services on land and on board 3. Ownership and contracts for the use of means of transport 4. Liability insurance and damage to body, passengers and goods 5. Construction, concession and management of port terminals and airport infrastructures 6. Transport antitrust law.

    Real estate law

    The Firm has a solid background and is very active in the real estate sector. Given the multidisciplinary facet of real estate law, the Firm guarantees, through collaboration with a network of other law and commercial firms, effective assistance in construction and urban planning, environmental protection, tax law and every other aspect that makes up the complex reality of real estate operations. We are able to assist you in the areas of:

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    We are able to assist you in the areas of:

    • Contracts for tenders, leases and company branch leases
    • Due diligence and execution of real estate contracts
    • Operations for the purchase and enhancement of real estate areas such as shopping centers or industrial areas

    Privacy and data protection

    We provide assistance with any type of problem related to data protection and the fulfillment of obligations under European (GDPR) and domestic legislation.

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    In particular, with regard to privacy and data protection, the Firm offers assistance in:

    • Corporate compliance with respect to the provisions of GDPR
    • Implementation of the measures required by the Privacy Code
    • Contracts on privacy
    • Assistance with the checks carried out by Italian and foreign supervisory bodies
    • Training courses

    Pharmaceutical law

    Our Firm is able to initiate, manage and complete the negotiation of complex pharmaceutical, biotechnological and diagnostic operations.

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    Our Firm has multi-jurisdictional expertise and know-how in the licensing sector, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and the purchase of company shares. Thanks to its network of qualified firms and colleagues operating in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, the Firm can provide support to (or manage, at the Client’s request) the team of international professionals chosen in the definition and execution of the agreements, coordinating and supervising also the due diligence activity and the evaluation of the commercial operation in its entirety.