May 2, 2022 | News

Roberto Pirozzi invited to the “Turkey-Italy-USA Trade Investment and Arbitration Panel” in Istanbul

Roberto Pirozzi was invited to participate as a speaker at the “Turkiye-Italia-USA Trade Investment and Arbitration Panel” along with other Italian, Turkish and US professionals as, among the others, Prof. Maria Chiara Malaguti, President of UNIDROIT.

The event was hosted at Palazzo di Venezia, at the Italian Embassy in Istanbul, with the participation of Ambassador H.E Marrapodi, the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Istanbul, Mr. Livio Manzini, the President of the Turkish Bar Association, Mr. Erinc Sagkan, and the President of the Investment Office of the Turkish Government, Mr. A. Burak Daglioglu.

The panelists talked about the solid relationship between these three nations, discussing Turkey’s investment potential and opportunities and explaining how international arbitration could be the perfect tool to resolve cross-border disputes and to boost economic and trade bonds.

For the video of the event CLICK HERE


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