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International Negotiation Competition 2023: Celebrating Success and Global Collaboration

Bringing together the brightest minds in negotiation, the International Negotiation Competition (“INC”) 2023, organized by PirozziLex and hosted at LUMSA University in Rome, concluded on a triumphant note with England emerging as the winners.

The INC 2023, spanning three action-packed days of intense negotiations, witnessed teams from around the world showcasing their exceptional negotiation skills on a global platform. This prestigious event, spearheaded by Roberto Pirozzi, Managing Partner of Pirozzilex and Head of the National Organizing Committee, with the help of Bianca Carter and Angéline De Paris, aimed at highlighting the talent and expertise of students in navigating complex scenarios and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

The competition was structured into three rounds, with each team comprised of two students who engaged in negotiating various cases. Round 1 centered around establishing a license and manufacturing agreement for Sixtaballs, a rapidly growing sport. Round 2 delved into negotiating a “standard” sports agency contract for Sixtaball players. Finally, Round 3 tackled a dispute over intellectual property rights between the Sixtaball Association and Red Tiger Rubber & Plastic Co.

The INC 2023 went beyond being just a competition; it offered an unparalleled platform for participants to forge meaningful connections and gain valuable insights beyond the classroom.

The Masterclass on Negotiation, featuring distinguished speakers like H.E. Marrapodi, Giorgio, Italian Ambassador to Turkey, provided invaluable insights into negotiation skills and strategies in the field of diplomacy and international relations.

Additionally, the panel discussions among experts including Nancy Soonpaa, law professor at Texas Tech University School of Law, Keld Jensen, Founder and CEO of Center For Negotiation, Lukas Lanzrein, Legal Advisor & Diplomat at the Mission of Switzerland to the EU, Alessandro Pellegrini, Corporate BD&L Director of Global Operations at A. Menarini Industrie, Mikkel Gudsoe, associate professor of Negotiation at Aarhaus University, Jochen Luksch, Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Egger Philips, Roberto Pirozzi, Managing Partner at Pirozzilex, Bianca Carter, Director of Business Development, Luca Regano, CEO of Froneri Italy s.r.l, Shannessy Hakola, Consulting Specialist, and Matteo Borrelli, Partner at Osterwald Rathbone & Partners, enriched the experience and fostered interactive learning.

The Wrap-Up Session, an essential part of the event, allowed for more sharing of experiences and real life case insights from Keith Oliver, Partner and Head of International at London firm, Peters & Peters. Acknowledgment of the dedication of each team and their coaches throughout the rounds was mentioned and the participants also had the pleasure of enjoying ice cream courtesy of Froneri Italy ice cream, adding to the friendly and celebratory atmosphere.

An Award Dinner was organized to honor all the attendees, who were presented with participation medals, while England emerged as the winning team with Northern Ireland achieving 2nd place, and Canada and Ireland tying in 3rd place. Nevertheless, heartfelt appreciation and congratulations were extended to all teams for their outstanding contributions and remarkable performances.

The INC 2023 showcased the new generation of negotiators and served as a dynamic job fair, uniting aspiring students with seasoned professionals. With over 130 attendees, including 20 teams, 20 coaches, and 30 judges, this event provided a powerful platform for networking and personal branding.

As the curtain drew to a close on the INC 2023, the legacy of this remarkable event continues to resonate with participants, judges, and professionals present. The dedication of the organizing committee, esteemed panelists and judges paved the way for fostering global talent and professional growth in the field of negotiation.

Congratulations to all the attendees for their achievements. The spirit of collaboration and camaraderie exhibited during the event is a testament to the importance of such competitions in nurturing future leaders in the realm of negotiation.

For more information about the International Negotiation Competition and future events, please contact:

National Organizing Committee

Roberto Pirozzi: roberto@pirozzilex.it

Angeline De Paris: a.deparis@pirozzilex.it

Stay tuned for updates and to explore the opportunities for growth and development in the world of negotiation!

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